Aloka Magazine

Three Poems by Coen van der Wolf

Homage to Kafka   ”My son’s so smart: call him a dog    Next thing you know, he’s writing a story about one!”   What office, to lose the name of subscription   We with such props as joiners know abscond,   Myriad mediation. One cannot have   Individuation without planets, beautiful to assertion.   Is there a facet   Skimped on in…

Catching Scorpions – An Essay by Tong Ge

Catching ScorpionsTong Ge Fourteen years after moving to Canada, I am finally able to afford a 1,800 square-foot house. It features four bedrooms, four bathrooms, two family rooms, one living room, two kitchens, and one storage room. Despite the ample space, only two people, myself and a renter, occupy the house. It is unfortunate that…



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