About Aloka

Aloka magazine is a volunteer-run literary magazine to meet and publish those wonders in non-native English writers’ works.

Aloka is a Sanskrit name of a goddess holding a light who is believed in Vajrayana to guide people to freedom from the painful reincarnation circle in the period of the luminous bardo of dharmata, that is to say, from this ephemeral tip of the soul to the other end of life only the firm trust in the seemingly less remarkable light can ward off the ever-changing spells of the illusional world. We believe the great sensitivity and the crucial choice you will have to make in various (semi-)transformative phrases or daily moments just resemble the way you respond to and navigate the weather of the art of language. With the peace and spiritualism that comes with art, Aloka is just beautiful to us and we hope you will feel the same too.

Our missions:

Here’s an ongoing festival for all non-native English writers, for whomever dreams on a windy land with their sole assistance from English puzzles. The mouths of the youngsters, the mouths of the elders, are all out of shape now. Works that coherently shine among those complete and incomplete oases, bite the double make-ups of a second language, and are sweet to our rickety old tracks are especially welcomed. Aloka Magazine aspires to take a breath together with those most daring works, and also to send every splash to the farthest possible ocean, always delivering and inspiring the best writings. We will consider native English writers’ submissions if your work can speak for you about why English, as your first language, can be such an alien and real existence to you.

Editorial Team:

Cathleen Davies is an MA graduate in Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham and a BA graduate in Creative Writing at UEA. Currently a publishing assistant at Positive Action Publications in Yorkshire, you can find her writing in various UEA anthologies (Undertow and Underworld), Storgy Magazine, The Confessionalist, Literally Stories, Zines + Things, Red Ink’s Anthology for Rape Crisis and Dostoyevsky Wannabes Love Bites. Send her grit, send her beauty, send her authenticity. She loves real stories by real voices so if you have one she’s bound to be impressed.

Ellie(LI Ying): A current MSc student in Sociology at the University of Bristol(2020-2021). MA graduate in Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham(2017-2018), honourable mention in poetry category in 46th Youth Literary Awards(held in Hongkong, 2019). She revels in a euphoric ocean where you can find a pearly, talking seashell mirroring systematically the red tentacles of clouds, and she firmly believes that writing in an unfamiliar language (a second language), this alien nature will endow the writer a gift to get closer to splendid literature, and the loyal heart of language.