Two Poems by Hana Jiang

A Well

Billion years hiding deep

Unstopped, unshaped, unformed

Unceasingly, persistently infiltrated


    flows underneath

The cracks the blood veins the continuous thirst

Thank the thousand years wisdom that

puddles it spades it wreathes it

The water that is made stay always

Quietly seeps and seeps

It’d be neither full nor less

The infinity of resource

Ancestors, descendants, and

All lives that can rely on

The wisdom


                      thousand years –

        A well

A recipe of insomnia

I am the one who is good at

making sorts of recipes –

a mood of melancholy

a source of inquietness

a disturbance of novelty

plus, an all-time signature piece –

INSOMNIA, my pride

I heir the nerve from my mother

I learned to create ingredients from my father

I distribute the elements to my son

I develop the old recipe to the newer –

1, restlessness

2, excitement

3, daydreams

4, stress

5, anxiety

6, depress

7, annoyance

One night

dear son jumps out to my screen

he presses a button of my nerve

he knows where my vulnerability is

I get up and start, again,

making a recipe of insomnia

Hana Jiang grew up in Shanghai China. She was a farm camp labor, a poet, a kindergarten teacher, a children story writer; and She is a homemaker, a cooker, and an artist – a painter.


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