Caravan Chef talks to poetically dynamic Cathleen Davies as they   eat metaphor/irony-calcium rich strawberries from aloka magazine forest


Cathleen Davies, your poetic- organically simplified verses are bitter-chocolate mousse to architects of political discord, you are not a literary dissident but you are pen warrior with your ink fumigating   economic parasites and corruption maggots tearing apart /rotting the fabrics of sanity as the decay the freedoms / hope of nations. They use propaganda masquerade and slogan pontifications to kill promising nations and bury promising generations. The future is blotted with pain, the present is studded with controversy as crooked political grandstanding takes center-stage. Your poetry DNA plaque is carved with uncontested vivid -imagery rimmed revolutionary message – you are a revolutionary literary acumen/doyen carrying the rags of your cultural ideology in your creative back-pack with poetic patriotic zeal. Your poetry is protesting, patriotic and revolutionary. You remain the mirror of your society. It is fascinating to eat metaphoric-calcium-iron rich berries with you Cathleen Davies, head of content…

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