Two Poems by Halina Goldstein

The Other Side

Life dropped me
into the middle of a great lake
To swim or to sink?
I wasn’t sure

Every movement I made to
save myself
made cuts in its perfect surface

Only now I see it
for what it is
not scars,

The Destination

 Because we cannot find love

 We become it

 We are the children

 Of our own hopes

 We are the One

 Who has our back

Who blows us into life after life

Like butterflies

We are the flight home


First published by BoD, Denmark

Halina Goldstein fell in love with words and writing when she was 5 years old. The relationship suffered from her family’s emigration to Denmark. Fortunately, where her native Polish withered, seeds of English found fertile ground. Since then, Halina has been drawn to attempting the impossible: expressing that which cannot be expressed.
Halina writes poetry and fiction, as well as non-fiction. Aside from her own books, she has contributed to a few literary magazines. 
Her books and her Awakening to Joyful Living work can be found at

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