Two Poems – Sara Grimes  

Child of the World

A child of the world, I pause in reverence

Of the still, entwined boughs of trees

Coiled en masse

I am an ambassador of the flesh

Communing piety with the streams of sunlight

Parched by the desolation

Of empty artifacts

Mechanical and deformed

Crafter of words

I shape cauldrons

A witches brew of charms

Shaken three times

To levitate you with spices piquant

Potion of my heart

I open my core to you

The pit of an apple Eve gave Adam

In a sly twist of fate

The seeds of a vision

Of you and me

Two untamed hearts

Springing up industriously

And the nuances bright

Little ironies and magic slurs develop

That you inhale 

As incense to a god

Spiritual anatomy 

Of a leaf

Both chemistry and destiny

I hold in my palm

For our fortune is here

Contained in its veins




Terse, the pages turn

Discrete, your moves on the floor

Compact, the mirror reflects pursed lips

I was spellbound and I was book bound

Cast askance to beat

Once imbued in the shadows

Of your silhouette

Tome’s communion

Folds your notes

Into incantations

Language fluent

Thick tongued, tight lipped

Curses course through your smoky lips

Reverend seances we had three shots deep

I pillage my mind’s eye

For clear sighted ways to bookmark the pages,

Capture the alchemy of your form

But find my Self instead

Bleary eyed and tongue tied

Stopped short, at the cadence of your verse,

The trademark rhythm your lines,

The decadence of your lithe grin

Sara Grimes is a poet and writer, studying creative writing at UC Riverside. She adopts a lyrical style inspired by her heady dose of music immersion. She is active in the cross-pollination of creative projects in the open mic community in Seattle, Washington. She is passionate about diversity in education and when she is not writing poetry, she is tutoring immigrants ESL at her local non-profits.

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