Five Poems – Fabrice Poussin

Exploring a Past

She moved about with the ease of a phantom

in limbo between the world she once knew

the unknown in the cold air of the tomb.

Trying for another smile on the fresh lips

she lingered in the position of comfort

taken by the ecstasy of gentle memories.

A finger sought to discover the new body

she could clearly see the walls of her galaxy

and the stars beyond her perfect home.

To wave hello and hear a voice from beyond

she gathered the little toes and pushed forward

her pleasure so intense in the mirror of things to come.

It was eons ago yet when she too gave birth

in a land so long forgotten by space and time

now she knew the mysteries to soon share.

There would be love and there would be pain

and she rested at ease in the peace of a mother

she had been and longed at last to become again.


The hour is dark

unknown in this time

when we both cry for a destiny

a friend who walks of the razor’s edge.

It seems today we laughed

within a strange fog as he spoke

and silence engulfed the joyous din.

Flipping through the lines of a message

either stumbling nor shedding a whisper

we saw him take a gentle breath

and shed the truth on a shivery morning.

Not a soul spoke or a voice cried

the realm froze it seems in the warmth

of a common dominical encounter.

Far you ponder the words

to speak aloud and plead

so he may push a little further

spread another smile on forgotten lips.

While he tells us of a strange creature

hungry for the happiness he gives

agape our mouths die a little more.

I know you sob in a private alcove

your face leaning upon weary hands

it may be another time, another world

but both we pray that he will live.

On Dry Land

She swam from coast to coast in agony

exploring the depths of unsung deserts.

Tender in the bones never to surrender

tears ran to feed the thirsts of many despairs.

She screamed her simple hopes to a deaf ether

her flesh gnawed by the teeth of putrefying vultures.

A fierce furnace consummated destinies

conceived in the gaze painted upon lost horizons.

A vast void twisted the secrets she had protected

within a pulsating vault of vermillion cliffs.

Joy was certain to never return to the territory

murdered by the absence of comforting light.

This earth would never shine with the glow

of a glee she had once shared with her universe.

Resting upon the crests of frozen volcano vomit

she was now to become the martyr of a barren valley.


The image does not always come easily

to the one who seeks a new happiness;

yet it is near, all around, it touches close,

every pore, all morsels of the lone being.

A shadow in the wind, a flower forgotten

on the great sidewalk of so many lives;

a kiss lost for eternity as the moment lapsed

into the early morning fog, the night gone.

But it must be sought after, for it is real;

the substance of the dream, the vision

found in unsounded realms, lives and demands

a one-way ticket to your words.

To the Great Depths

So close to the undulating surface

waves carrying the weights of steel freighters

she ponders the foreboding end of so many destinies.

As if molten lead it moves in the lunar mirror

full of mysterious existences far below

so many deaths without names. 

Mimicking the azure of her gaze

it invites the enquiring soul to follow

the path to infinite treasures.

It vanishes beyond the horizon in teal

always offering much and withholding more

its mouth agape in darker shades of green.

Imitating the warm womb of a universal mother

it offers welcoming arms in deep darkness

growling forth a trembling invitation.

They will walk into the surf

prisoners of a seemingly eternal pleasure

fall in the trap of mermaids or their mates.

What indeed are the truths beneath the swell

receptacle of innumerable deaths

buried for centuries by the hand of a dark maiden. 

She sits in awe of this awesome vastness

wondering her next move to stay or to depart

and conquer the terror of this deadly womb.

Fabrice Poussin teaches French and English at Shorter University. Author of novels and poetry, his work has appeared in Kestrel, Symposium, The Chimes, and many other magazines. His photography has been published in The Front Porch Review, the San Pedro River Review as well as other publications.  

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