‘Cuentos de la Reina / Tales of the Queen’: Sneak Peek

We at Aloka Magazine are always looking to support fellow writers and artists, particularly if they’re allowing us insight into cultures and languages that are often neglected and overlooked. Below are all the details you need for Rosario and Delia’s fantastic project ‘Cuentos de la Reina,’ or ‘Tales of the Queen.’ Enjoy!

We are Rosario (Panama) and Delia (Spain), a nurse and a translator united by a need for living with creativity, and the objective of showing Rosario’s grandmother’s folktales to the whole world so that all children can enjoy the stories, landscapes and sounds of traditional Panama.

Rosario has written this story, a Panama folktale that her special granny used to tell her and which has been passed down in her family through generations. Delia has illustrated it, by traveling with her imagination to the places that Rosario described.

Thanks to the selfless collaboration of many people, not only have we designed the book but we’ve have created a song and an audiobook!

We want to bring the Panamanian culture to light and promote habitual reading and language learning in the youngest through stories, drawings and music! We have created a bilingual book in two versions (Spanish-English and Spanish-German) for bilingual children, as well as for any children who are learning a second language.

Now we want to self-publish it and therefore we need your help to be able to print the first copies. We have launched a funding campaign on Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/talesofthequeen/cuentos-de-la-reina-tales-of-the-queen that ends on 24 th December! Click on the link to find out about the project and, if you like, help us to produce the book by donating any amount over 1 €. For 18 € or more, we send you a book copy as soon as it is printed (and if we have reached our funding goal on Kickstarter; only then your donation will be charged to your account).

You can also see more about the book on our webpage and listen to or download the book’s song for free! https://talesofthequeen.com/

If you like this project, feel free to contribute through the Kickstarter campaign before it ends on 24 th December! Or contact us at info@talesofthequeen.com

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