Misplaced Confidence – Rati Pednekar Poem

Misplaced Confidence

I think it’s time we remembered that we never could predict the future
that our well-laid plans were nothing more than bumbling in the dark
our belief that we had a place in the future – nothing but misplaced confidence.

misplaced confidence has its uses.

It brought us towering bridges, aeroplanes and the first ever light bulb.
It gave us photographs, graffiti and love stories.
It kept us going, just long enough to make peace with our realities.
It lent us the strength to risk everything without even knowing it,
and occasionally, rewarded us for our naivety.

when a stranger on the internet offers you a piece of misplaced confidence,
wrapped up in words or art or music,
accept it.

Accept it and offer them a piece of your own,
because we never could predict the future,
and it might just come in handy.

Rati Pednekar is a content writer based in India with an MA in Creative Writing. She wears mismatched socks, loves coffee and is a hoarder of sentiment. There’s a lot of words floating around her head, sometimes she writes them down. 


  1. Very nice Rati. Like the way you expressed your thoughts on the current scenario.
    Keep writing. Cheers!
    Looking forward to many more.


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