Mise Eile – Dónal O’Brien poem

Split apart by oceans and seas

By airports and those endless

Mundane security check queues

When I’m here, I’m in awe of your

Slow beating natural beauty

Yet, at times, I feel out of place

Among people and good friends

When I’m there, wherever ‘there’ may be,

I grow and adapt

But you’re always inside me

Never leaving, you always guide me

In a way I may never be

Able to explain

There was no plank to walk

I was not forced to leave

However, leaving became the most

Sensible, attractive option

Having tasted what seemed like

Pure electrifying freedom

I gradually felt as if I were

Drifting from the safe mothership

Of Home, sometimes forgetting the

Benefits of breathing…

“Not to fret, it’s in the blood,

in the psyche of me

It has been done before

You’ll see”

What you’ve given me is

Not just the way I speak

But the way I listen

And perceive, the way

To appreciate life and a

“Thanks to bejaysis”

For a gentle breeze

A glorious indefinite return I

Don’t expect too soon,

If ever

So, it’s a ‘Slán go foill’

And a ‘Go raibh maith agat’

From another dreaming heart

Forged in the fires of your

Eternally burning furnace

Dónal O’Brien lives in the Basque Country. He hasn’t become Kurt Cobain. He hasn’t captained his country to a World Cup. He is a teacher and can use a washing machine.

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